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Knitottica Clothing manufacturers, based in Ludhiana, have an exclusive and varied range of knitted collars, cuffs and ribs. Made with high quality fabrics and sourced from established vendors and knitted with high strength threads, our product offers unmatched elegance and durability compared to our contemporaries in the market. Knitottica Clothing is a leading manufacturer of performance textiles. The founders and team members are well connected with our partners and customers therefore bringing a competent, broad and open-minded attitude to the business. One of the most striking and noteworthy features of our manufacturing unit is that we deliver crisp and stylish design of ribs, nylon ribs, cotton ribs, knitted collar and tapes. We also provide quality knitted cloth. Our fabrics are intricately designed keeping in mind the demands of the customer and ever changing fashion trends.

Knitted Cuffs, Collars & Bottoms

Our knitted ribs can be used to enhance the style and functionality of the garment. We can manufacture ribs according to your requirement and offer unparalleled color matching services. Ribs can be made in various types of gauges ranging from E2.5, E5, E7, E8, E10, E12, E14, E16 and various different yards which include [...]

Knitted Panels

We manufacture knitted panels and sleeves for outerwear jackets, coats and sweatshirts. We have fully computerized flat knit machines in various gauges so any designis possible [...]

Knitted Cloth

Stoll, Styker


Knitottica Clothing is a leading manufacturer of ribs, nylon ribs, cotton ribs, knitted collar and tapes in Ludhiana. Our production facility is equipped with advanced machinery like customized weaving looms, pattern threading stations and embroidery components which is skillfully calibrated to bring forth tasteful and sophisticated fashion and performance accessories. The production line is a fully automated unit with integrated quality control mechanism, to eliminate faulty elements from mingling into the finished products, and tarnishing our image.

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